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“English-speaking Club” 21.02.14 “Customs and Traditions in the UK”

10 February 2014
Friends! We are obliged to invite you to another gathering of English-speaking club “Customs and Traditions in the UK”. The event will be held on February, 21 at 6.30 p.m. Old and new friends are welcomed! Enrolment in advance and for more information call: 916 7000850   more

“English-speaking Club” 20.12.13 “English Humour. What Does This Mean?”

05 December 2013
Friends! We are glad to see you at one more meeting of our English-speaking club. Nick Berkley invites you to take part in the discussion “ENGLISH HUMOUR : WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?”. The meetind is to be on December, 20, 2014, room 505. Enrolment in advance and for more information call: 916 7000850.  Old and new friends are welcomed! more

“English-speaking Club” 22.11.13 “Americans and Russians. Cultural Differences.”

13 November 2013
Dear friends! We are glad to inform you that the next gathering of Engllish-speaking club will take place on November, 22. We keep on discussing the aspect of cultural differences. Presenter – Roman- emigrated from Russia in dashing 90s and returned home some months ago. The subject to be discussed is “Americans and Russians. Cultural... more

“English-speaking Club” 11.10.13 “The English and Russians. Cultural Differences.”

27 October 2013
English-speaking club held by English Language Centre is a gathering where the participants communicate in English on the topic claimed in informal atmosphere. The presenters of the meetings are native speakers which gives opportunity to measure your speaking skills and improve them. The first meeting of English-speaking club took place on 11.... more

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