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English-speaking Club

English-speaking club is a gathering where the participants communicate in English on the topic claimed in informal atmosphere with a cup of tea ant treat. The presenters of the meetings are native speakers which gives opportunity to measure your speaking skills and improve them.

We are glad to inform you that the club starts its work. About the coming events you can learn on our site or by phone: +7 (916) 206-01-41.

11.10.13 English-speaking club meeting. Topic:"English and Russians. Cultural differences". To read comments press the reference

22.11.13 English-speaking club meeting. Topic: "Americans and Russians. Cultural differences".

20.12.13 English-speaking club meeting. Topic: "English humour. What does this mean?"

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+7 (916) 206-01-41, +7 (916) 908-08-02
Москва, Рязанский просп., 30/15 (метро Рязанский проспект)