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English for Logistics Specialists

How important is English for logisticians?

Extending possibilities for information perception.

Paraphrasing a well-known proverb we can say now that “The tongue may conduct you to London…”

Knowing a foreign language allows a person orientate himself or herself in the space including information one.

It broadens the circle of friends both in English-speaking and Russian-speaking info-space. To have a friend or an acquaintance who has mastered a language is prestigious, isn’t it?

If you are career-minded you fully understand the necessity of learning English.

If your work is connected with searching and obtaining information - knowledge of English is an important factor.

A chance to get interesting, relevant, precise and needed information increases a hundred times if you work in English information space as millions of sites are in English. And this is a never ending resource! A Klondike!

Contemporary business knows no borderlines. Your social status is changing if you have mastered w business English. You are rich and successful!

Business English is vitally important for those who want to work in an international company or have serious deals with overseas business partners.

Nowadays there many study centres which have worked out a course in the sphere of running logistics.

Professional knowledge of written and oral speech signifies your business culture, qualifications and social background. Fluent use of special and business terms while having talks, signing contracts or just in business communication is an important part of your activity.

Business Correspondence in English.

Now when business has become international good skills of written communication with business partners are also of prime importance. Written communication with your business partner comprises a respondent’s knowledge of order of writing a request letter, an inquiry letter, а letter of complain еtс. Moreover in business correspondence it is very important to take into consideration national and cultural traditions of your partner.

The skills necessary for effective business correspondence are regarded as basic skills for all kinds of employees and without them they are unable to compete in contemporary labour- market.

Of course to hold business talks and make bargains you may refer to the help of professional interpreters. But if you know the language yourself, if you conduct negotiations and make deals – it’s quite a difference. In this case you are able to productively.

Logistics in English and Running Logistics.

If you are planning to develop your carrier in logistics English is your priority. Because all major players in this market share are foreign companies. That is owners of the companies and top- management have fluent knowledge of English but not necessarily that of Russian. All trends of logistics such as storage, supply, transport logistics, 3 PL- logistics requires knowledge of the language within the frames of the course which we offer – “Logistics in English and Running Logistics”.

To be cutting edge, to build your career successfully each specialist needs to complete the course “Management in English”.

Nowadays there are many study centers which have worked out a special course – “Running Logistics”. But the main goal of our course is to teach specialists in logistics to conduct their business in English. In our programme we also included training of stable communication skills in English for logisticians.

Our teachers are practical specialists with who know logistics not from textbooks and who are ready to share their live experience with students in English. The course is based on “Logistics in English. (Oxford Course)”

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