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Business and Communication skills

We offer training in polishing business and communication skills individually or in a mini-group:

If you are at pre-intermediate to upper intermediate level and you deal with regular calls , write emails, make presentations, if you want to improve yr English , be more confident and more effective – join us. Let’s work together for achieving better results!

General tips


  • Plan your call. Make notes on what you want to say and write out important phrases or questions

  • Practise what you are going to say before your call.

  • If the speaker speaks too quickly don’t be afraid to ask him to slow down.

  • At the end of the call , summarize what you have agreed so that you can confirm you both understand

Presenting in English

  • Know exactly how to start – plan the first minute of your presentation down to the detail.

  • Get straight to the point. Don’t waste time on long boring introductions

  • Talk to your audience. Many best presentations sound like conversations.

  • Use to the full personal experience, dramatic comparisons, amazing facts

  • Speak naturally. You are not an actor trying to remember lines

  • Speak for your audience. Take every chance to show how much common ground you share with them.


  • Use a “subject line”

  • Use short and simple sentences

  • Be careful with jokes, irony or personal comments

  • Do not ignore capital letters, spelling, paragraphs

  • Be positive

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