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Finance for Non-finance Managers

Dear friends!

We are glad to inform you about the beginning of the new course “Finance for Non-Finance Managers”

The course is delivered by Tatyana Kovalyova - lecturer of “Academy of Business of company "Ernst & Young"

Finance for Non-finance Managers (with one business Case through all the aspects):

  1. Financial accounting

    1. Double entry system

    2. IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)

    3. BS (Balance Sheet)

    4. I/S or P&L (Income Statement/Profit and Loss)

  2. Management accounting (Margins, Costs, Pricing etc.)

  3. Financial analysis (Ratios of turnover and returns: ROA,ROE)

  4. Budgeting (process and types of budgets)

Faculty (additional) questions:  Project management, Investments, Taxation, Financial management, Audit and Assurance, Governance and Risks.

For more information call: (916) 206-01-41

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+7 (916) 206-01-41, +7 (916) 908-08-02
Москва, Рязанский просп., 30/15 (метро Рязанский проспект)