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Business English

The programme is meant for specialists who need English in business particularly during business trips, negotiations and business meetings.

The key objective of the course is forming and developing students’ expertise in business English as understanding the psychology of business communication.

When completing the programme the students according to the achieved level will be able to become full-value participants of business correspondence in foreign language. That is:

  • take part in business meetings, negotiations and presentations in English
  • lobby your interests in English
  • communicate over the phone efficiently
  • use English duting business trips
  • have business correspondence
  • read and understand documents and information materials in English

Practical tasks and methods of development of the demanded language skills include case- method and role plays, dialogues, discussions, debates, presentations, Grammar explanations and tasks etc

The programme is being devised on the basis of original materials with the use of such books as Intelligent Business, Market leader, Business Result, Communicating in Business and so on.

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