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Peter Saveliev
I live near metro station Ryazansky Prospect. And I have been learning English for 2 years at English Study Centre in BC “Naska Plaza”. I am fully satisfied with the location and the quality of tuition. At first I studied English in a mini-group and now I am learning business English in pair.
I am 21 year old. I am a 5th year student of the State University of Management specializing in logistics. I have completed the course of English for logisticians. I think this course to be very useful for those who are planning to build career in the sphere of logistics. Besides the course of General English the course gives possibilities to comprehend new logistics terms in logistics. After the course it has become easier for me to orientate myself in English sites dedicated to logistics. And I have decided to continue education in the sphere of logistics using English. The main advantage is that in addition to theoretic knowledge the teachers explain practical situations because they themselves have experience in logistics. The classes took part in a small group in friendly atmosphere. The students got unpredictable tasks and individual approach from the teachers.
Max, 12 year old
I am attending the course of English not because I “must” but because the information in this study centre is presented inventively and efficiently. I get really valuable knowledge there/ And the teachers there are highly qualified.
Sasha, 11 years old
This is a very good course. There work very good specialists and I like everything. They explain the material very well and I understand everything perfectly. The course is very satisfying.
Egor, 13 year old
I love doing this course. It’s very interesting and I have learned a lot of interesting. I guess it will be great to continue and learn more.
Hello! When enrolling into this course I was practically a beginner. I have been studuing English there for half a year and I feel the results. The teachers explain grammar very well and drill pronunciation with us. The classes are held in small groups where everybody obtains a considerable part of attention. Personally I like it.
Valentine, top-manager
This isn’t my first English Study Centre. But only there the teachers explain why you should put something in English this way not another. There is systematic approach to teaching and studying. After every global course there is a test. The classes are conducted in warm psychological atmosphere, which is of course a merit of the teachers of the centre. It is evident that the teachers not just “earn their living” but want to achieve visible result. They are not stiff to tell the students in correct and polite form their suggestions/wishes/remarks. The tuition is conducted in small groups gathered on the principle of the level of knowledge. I love the principle “once you come to the lesson – speak English”. Every action comprises completing task before you achieve the goal. Learning English is a two way road aiming at obtaining some piece of knowledge. The student moves one path, the teacher accompanying him or her the other one. In this centre the teachers work out their piece of road 100 percent. And that is why I am awfully grateful to them. I recommend this centre to those who are not indifferent to themselves and want to get durable knowledge of English and achieve some worthwhile goals in life.
Hi! I have been learning English in a mini-group for a year and a half and there results. The lessons are held in friendly atmosphere, the teacher tries to find individual approach to every student. I like it here.
Svetlana, student
I have been studying at the Centre for the second year and getting immence pleasure from the classes. Our lessons are held in friendly and informal atmosphere what helps to boost the mood after a hard working day. But the most important aspect I’d like to cite is our highly qualified and the most valuable teacher.
I have started doing the course and the impressions are very positive. I was assigned to the “ starter” level. I thought that what we were going to learn would be something like “ a dog” , “a cat” and so on. Paradoxically not! We are learning a lot of grammar what I really need. And it goes without saying that we are not skipping the speaking part as well. I fairly liked the teachers – their level is visible. I used to attend some more courses beforehand so I have something to compare.
Hello! I have been learning English at english-tc in a mini-group for half a year and I feel the results. The lessons are very informative and interesting in friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The teacher always finds individual access to the students.

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